Bad working partner

Many complaint about intern life. I guess for me, the worst scenario is if one gets to work with bad partner.

Before I joined orthopedics, I had beautiful expectations about the posting. As they said "One never leave orthopedic posting without gaining weight". So here I am, joining the team which there are already 3 interns. I was being pre-warned from the gossip, regarding how badly one of my working partners, B can be.

Nightmare doesn't hit me until the time our team became active.
Not mentioning she came late to work and only review 2 patients before the morning round (Oh, what did I just said?), she was basically living in the delusion that she doesn't need to work.

One day she came late, and I was sitting in front of computer updating patient list for our team, I heard her with sobby voice, " I don't feel well la today." (Hell, yesterday she was still so much energetic) Before our morning round finished, she already went somewhere lying down and became uncontactable for the entire day. When we reported to team leader regarding her taking emergency leave, she defended herself saying " That's not fair, I did came in the morning!" (for less than an hour, and she considered that working 1 day. Oh, what did she just said? I am just going to say that very same sentence "IT'S NOT FAIR!")
B flee from the team during the time when we were most busy, taking emergency leaves without notifying the team. When our team started quit down and patients number became less, she reappear again without any guilt.

The most disgusted characteristic of her is that she put patients' life in danger of being an irresponsible doctor. She did not serve iv medications to patients (which in the policy of the hospital I am currently working at, giving iv bolus medication is the responsibility of intern), be it antibiotics for diabetic foot ulcer patients or be it the very live saving medication of diuretics (frusemide) for acute pulmonary edema (APO) patient. During her care for the unstable patient (with APO + acute on chronic kidney injury + congestive cardiac failure + diabetic foot ulcer), for 2 consecutive days she did not serve the iv frusemide, that patient deteriorated badly, requiring multiple resuscitation and referral to medical team and crash team.

B likes to sit at the counter pretending that she has completed all her tasks (or is she thinking her team mates will pick up her shit job and wipe up her ass). When we questioned her regarding the result of tasks our superior ordered, to our surprise expectation, she did not even bother to complete them!

I became so irritated by her at one point, I went and confronted her :" We haves more than 30 patients and are you really think that you're going to take care of ONLY 2 patients?" Then she replies: " Okay okay, I will go book the operation theater and speak to anesthetist later". The result of her 'work' was, she actually claimed that patient refused operation (patient is deaf and mute), so that she did not have to go speak to the anesthetist and present the case (of wound debridement for an OPEN FRACTURE). That poor fella was kept in the ward, asking us using his own sign language when are we going to clean and suture up his wound. In the end, we found out that he did not refuse operation at that very first point!

She dares to put words into patient's mouth and kept telling lies to the team.

B lies to anesthetist for one of the case she posted for emergency operation. Patient has poor left ventricular function and just recovered from APO and fluid overload. Anesthetist was in great shock when he saw the patient himself in the preparation room of operation theater with so many co-morbids that she did not mentioned a ward to him. He made a big fuss on this issue and complaint to one of the medical officer oncall, unfortunately she got away from that once again.

Sometimes I wonder why, these kind of interns can always escape from blames and punishments. They appeared hard-working in front of the bosses and only very few superiors can see clearly.
They don't care about lives they are handling, they don't care about the responsibility being accounted on them. We worked so hard, we just cannot bear to see patients' care is not properly delivered, and in the end, we take up the tasks these fucked up interns didn't do.

Nowadays, Malaysia has too tooo toooo toooooo tooooo many interns, no one will try to keep them in the system if they don't want to work. And I say, these kind of irresponsible interns, better go, get out from the system before they became medical officer or murderer.

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